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ToolJet can connect to GraphQL endpoints to execute queries and mutations.


To add a new GraphQL datasource, click the + button on data sources panel at the bottom-left corner of the app builder and then select GraphQL from the modal that pops up.

ToolJet requires the following to connect to a GraphQL datasource.

  • URL of the GraphQL endpoint

The following optional parameters are also supported:

URL paramsAdditional query string parameters
headersAny headers the GraphQL source requires
ToolJet - GraphQL connection

Click on the 'Save' button to save the datasource.

Querying GraphQL

Click on + button of the query manager at the bottom panel of the editor and select the GraphQL endpoint added in the previous step as the datasource.

ToolJet - GraphQL connection

Click on the 'run' button to run the query. NOTE: Query should be saved before running.


Query results can be transformed using transformations. Read our transformations documentation to see how: link