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Version: 2.43.0


Use the ToolJet-hosted database to build apps faster, and manage your data with ease. ToolJet database require no setup and gives you a powerful user interface for managing your data.

ToolJet database

Enabling the ToolJet Database for your instance


  • PostgREST server
  • Additional configuration for ToolJet server

This feature is only enabled if ENABLE_TOOLJET_DB is set to true.

PostgREST Server

PostgREST is a standalone web server that turns your PostgreSQL database directly into queryable RESTful APIs which is utilized for Tooljet Database. This server only communicates with the ToolJet server and therefore does not need to be publicly exposed.


If you have openssl installed, you can run the following command openssl rand -hex 32 to generate the value for PGRST_JWT_SECRET.

If this parameter is not specified, then PostgREST refuses authentication requests.

PGRST_JWT_SECRETJWT token client provided for authentication
PGRST_DB_URIdatabase connection string for tooljet database

Please make sure that DB_URI is given in the format postgres://[USERNAME]:[PASSWORD]@[HOST]:[PORT]/[DATABASE]

Additional ToolJet server configuration

ENABLE_TOOLJET_DBtrue or false
TOOLJET_DBDefault value is tooljet_db
TOOLJET_DB_HOSTdatabase host
TOOLJET_DB_USERdatabase username
TOOLJET_DB_PASSdatabase password
TOOLJET_DB_PORTdatabase port
PGRST_JWT_SECRETJWT token client provided for authentication
PGRST_HOSTpostgrest database host

If you intend to make changes in the above configuration. Please refer PostgREST configuration docs.


When this feature is enabled, the database name provided for TOOLJET_DB will be utilized to create a new database during server boot process in all of our production deploy setups. In case you want to trigger it manually, use the command npm run db:create on ToolJet server.


ToolJet database allows you to:

  • Maintain tables of data in a secure database that's only accessible within your ToolJet organization.
  • Edit, search, filter, sort, and filter data using a spreadsheet-like interface.
  • Quickly build applications and write queries to interact with the ToolJet Database, just like any other datasource but without any setup.
  • Export schema from the ToolJet Database to a JSON file.
  • Uniquely identify each record in a table using Primary Keys, ensuring data integrity and enabling efficient querying and indexing.
  • Establish relationships between tables using Foreign Keys, allowing you to create associations based on the Primary Key of one table and maintain referential integrity.

Accessing ToolJet Database

Once you log-in to your ToolJet account, from the left sidebar of the dashboard you can navigate to ToolJet Database.

The ToolJet Database is available on: ToolJet Cloud, Self-Host, and Enterprise Edition. You can manage your database and its data using the Database editor UI.

ToolJet database