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Version: 2.27.0

Platform Overview

What is ToolJet?

ToolJet is a low-code platform that enables developers to rapidly build and deploy custom internal tools. It has a drag-and-drop app builder with 45 pre-built components, so developers can create complex applications in minutes. ToolJet also connects to most popular data sources and APIs out of the box, and it has a group-based permission system for easy user access management. ToolJet also comes with a lot of other features, but for now, let’s build a basic ToolJet app.

How ToolJet Works:

Platform Overview

With ToolJet, you can streamline app development with 4 core steps:

Connect Data Sources: Leverage ToolJet's robust integration features to connect with any data source. The platform supports seamless data integration across over 50 different applications, databases, and APIs.

Design Stunning Interfaces: Drag and drop UI components like Tables, Charts, Forms, and more build custom applications in minutes. Integrate these components with data sources and incorporate business logic through JavaScript or Python.

Automate Complex Workflows: Develop multi-step workflows in ToolJet to automate business processes. In addition to building and automating workflows, ToolJet allows for easy integration of these workflows within your applications.

Secure and Manage: Secure your internal tools with detailed permissions settings and audit logs. Maintain quality and consistency with version control, and keep track of performance with comprehensive observability tools.

Below is a detailed overview of ToolJet's key functionalities, demonstrating how ToolJet helps teams to build more with less effort and greater efficiency.

Visual App Builder

Enables the creation of visually appealing front-ends with a drag-and-drop interface and pre-built components.



Offers seamless integration with a wide range of data sources, including over 50 applications, databases, and APIs.


ToolJet Database

A robust, scalable database solution built atop PostgreSQL. It allows for no-code database management, enabling users to build, manage, and scale databases effortlessly.

ToolJet Database

Workflow Automation

Simplifies the automation of complex manual business processes, reducing the engineering effort required.


Enterprise-Grade Security

Designed with advanced security features and a scalable infrastructure to meet the needs of enterprise teams.


SSO Support

Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities, supporting a variety of providers including Okta, Google, Azure AD, and OpenID Connect.

SSO Support

Multiple Environments

Creation and management of multiple environments for efficient application lifecycle management, allowing different stages like development, testing, and production to be handled seamlessly.

SSO Support

Multiplayer Editing

Multiple users can collaboratively work on app development in real-time. Simultaneous edits and contributions from different team members streamlines the development process and fosters a more dynamic and interactive workspace

Multiplayer Editing

Whether you're a seasoned developer or a business professional, ToolJet stands out as a comprehensive solution to fast-track your internal tool development process.