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Version: 2.43.0

Super Admin

The Super Admin in ToolJet plays a critical role in managing the instance by having full access to all workspaces, users, and groups. Super Admins differ significantly from standard Admins, possessing a broader range of privileges. They can manage users in any workspace, including archiving or unarchiving them, and have unrestricted access to all workspaces. This allows Super Admins to create, edit, or delete apps in any user's personal workspace. They also have the authority to access and modify the ToolJet database across all workspaces, an ability not granted to regular Admins.

Advanced Control and Customization

Beyond regular management tasks, Super Admins can implement more intricate settings like white labeling, enabling multiplayer editing, and managing instance licenses. They also have the power to restrict personal workspace creation for users, ensuring tighter control over the workspace environment. These advanced capabilities underscore the Super Admin's pivotal role in overseeing the comprehensive management and customization of the ToolJet instance.

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