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Version: 2.35.0

Exposed Variables

Exposed Variables help in accessing and manipulating data within components. These variables are automatically created and updated as users interact with the application. Whether it's capturing text from a text editor, checking the visibility of a component or retrieving selections from a dropdown menu, exposed variables are integral for dynamic data handling in ToolJet applications.

Preview Of Exposed Variables

Accessing Exposed Variables

Each component in ToolJet has its own set of exposed variables, which hold specific data related to that component. For example, in the Text Input component, the value variable is used. This variable is updated every time a user enters something in the text editor. It can be dynamically accessed using JavaScript notation: {{components.textinput1.value}}. This feature allows developers to easily track and utilize the data entered by users in real-time.

For detailed information about the exposed variables of the components, please refer to their respective documentation.