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Version: 2.23.0


Containers are used to group widgets together. You can move the desired number of widgets inside a container to organize your app better.

ToolJet - Widget Reference - Container
Restricted components

In order to avoid excessively complex situations, certain components, namely Calendar and Kanban, are restricted from being placed within the Container component using drag-and-drop functionality.

If the builder attempts to add any of the aforementioned components inside the container, an error message will be displayed:

<Restricted component> cannot be used as a child component within the container.

Enabling vertical scroll on container

To enable the vertical scroll on the container, drag and place any component to the bottom grid of the container and the container will automatically enable the scrolling.

ToolJet - Widget Reference - Container

Loading state

To activate the loader on the container component, access its properties and dynamically adjust the Loading State property by clicking the Fx button. You can set it to either {{true}} or {{false}}.

For instance, if you wish to display the loader on the container when the query named restapi1 is in progress, set the Loading State value to {{queries.restapi1.isLoading}}.

ToolJet - Widget Reference - Container



A Tooltip is often used to specify extra information about something when the user hovers themouse pointer over the widget.

Under the General accordion, you can set the value in the string format. Now hovering over the widget will display the string as the tooltip.

ToolJet - Widget Reference - Container


ToolJet - Widget Reference - Container
Show on desktopThis property have toggle switch. If enabled, the Container widget will display in the desktop view else it will not appear. This is enabled by default.
Show on mobileThis property have toggle switch. If enabled, the Container wisget will display in the mobile view else it will not appear.


ToolJet - Widget Reference - Container
Background ColorYou can change the background color of the Container by entering the Hex color code or choosing a color of your choice from the color picker.
Border radiusUse this property to modify the border radius of the container. The field expects only numerical value from 1 to 100, default is 0.
Border ColorYou can change the border color of the Container by entering the Hex color code or choosing a color of your choice from the color picker.
VisibilityThis is to control the visibility of the widget. If {{false}} the widget will not visible after the app is deployed. It can only have boolean values i.e. either {{true}} or {{false}}. By default, it's set to {{true}}.
DisableThis property only accepts boolean values. If set to {{true}}, the widget will be locked and becomes non-functional. By default, its value is set to {{false}}.

Any property having Fx button next to its field can be programmatically configured.

Exposed variables

There are currently no exposed variables for the component.

Component specific actions (CSA)

There are currently no CSA (Component-Specific Actions) implemented to regulate or control the component.