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GitHub Single Sign-on

Select Manage SSO from workspace options

ToolJet - SSO configs

Select GitHub, GitHub login will be disabled by default

ToolJet - SSO configs

Enable GitHub. You can see Redirect URL generated

ToolJet - SSO configs

Go to GitHub Developer settings and navigate to OAuth Apps and create a project. Authorization callback URL should be the generated Redirect URL in Git manage SSO page.

ToolJet - GitHub create project

  • Open the application details, and you can see the Client ID

ToolJet - GitHub view client id

  • Then create Client secrets by clicking Generate new client secret

ToolJet - GitHub create client secret

Lastly, enter Client Id and Client Secret in GitHub manage SSO page and save.

The GitHub sign-in button will now be available in your ToolJet login screen if you have not enabled Multi-Workspace.


Should configure Host Name if you are using GitHub Enterprise self hosted. Host name should be a URL and should not ends with /, example:


If you have enabled Multi-Workspace you can configure GitHub SSO as mentioned above, for setting default SSO for the instance use environment variable.

SSO_GIT_OAUTH2_CLIENT_IDGitHub OAuth client id
SSO_GIT_OAUTH2_CLIENT_SECRETGitHub OAuth client secret
SSO_GIT_OAUTH2_HOSTGitHub OAuth host name if GitHub is self hosted

Redirect URL should be <host>/sso/git