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Version: 2.7.0

Components: Overview

Components are used to build the UI of the applications. They can be dragged onto the canvas from the Component Library and can be modified from the Properties Panel without needing to write any code. Event Handlers in Components allow end users to trigger queries and other application events to perform the Actions.

Adding components

Components can be dragged and dropped from the Component Library(from the right side on app builder) on to the canvas. Components can be moved by simply click and hold, and can be resized from edges or borders.

Components: Overview

Select multiple components

For moving the multiple components at once, simply shift+click, to select multiple components. Once grouped, the components can be moved on the canvas while maintaining their relative positions.

Components: Overview

You can also create a selection triangle and move multiple components together by click and drag

Components: Overview

You can also use many other Keyboard Shortcuts in ToolJet to copy, cut, paste components to the canvas.

Component properties

Each Component can be modified and styled from the Properties Panel such as the data field, a toggle for disabling the component, or stylings like a background color. Properties can be modified directly or programmatically by using Bindings, which enables you to write JavaScript code.

Components: Overview

Component Event Handlers

Event Handlers can be found in the Component's Property Panel or in the Advanced section of the Query. Event handlers can be used to trigger the queries, perform Component Specific Actions - CSA or for setting a variable.


Check all the available Actions here.

Components: Overview


Bindings allow you to get dynamic data into the components. Anything inside of {{}} is evaluated as a JavaScript expression in ToolJet.

Any arbitrary JavaScript code can be written inside {{}}:

{{(function () {


{{ === Sun ?? true : false}}