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Version: 2.19.0


ToolJet can connect to Plivo account to send SMS.

Marketplace: plivo

Before following this guide, it is assumed that you have already completed the process of Using Marketplace plugins.


For connecting to plivo, following credentials are required:

  • Auth Token:
  • Auth ID:
Generating Auth Token/ID
  • Navigate to the Plivo Console (
  • In the console, you will see your auth ID and auth token listed under the "API" section.
  • If you don't see your auth ID and auth token, you can generate new ones by clicking on the "Generate New Auth ID/Token" button.
Marketplace: plivo

Supported queries

Send SMS

The specified mobile number will receive the SMS upon execution of this query.

Required parameters:

  • To Number:
  • From Number:
  • Body:
Marketplace: plivo