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Version: 2.11.0

Set page variable

Page variables are restricted to the page where they are created and cannot be accessed throughout the entire application like regular variables.

Use this action to establish a variable and assign a value to it within the Multipage Apps.

By default, the debounce field is left empty. However, you can input a numeric value to indicate the time in milliseconds before the action is executed. For example, 300.

ToolJet - Action reference - Switch page

Using RunJS query to set page variable

Alternatively, the set page variable action can be triggered via a RunJS query using the following syntax:

await actions.setPageVariable('<variablekey>',<variablevalue>)

variablekey must be provided as a string (enclosed in quotes), while the variablevalue does not require quotation marks if it is a numerical value.

ToolJet - Action reference - Switch page

For instructions on how to run actions from a RunJS query, refer to the how-to guide Running Actions from RunJS Query.