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Google (Open ID)

  • Select Manage SSO from workspace options

ToolJet - SSO configs

  • Select Open ID Connect from the left sidebar

ToolJet - SSO configs

  • Set Name as Google and get the Client ID and Client Secret from your Google Clound Console.

  • Set the Well Known URL to

Generating Cliend ID and Cliend Secret on GCS

ToolJet - Google create project

ToolJet - Google create client id

  • You'll be asked to select user type in consent screen. To allow only users within your workspace, select 'Internal', otherwise, select 'External'.

ToolJet - OAuth user type

  • You'll be led to an app registration page where you can set OAuth scopes. Select 'Add or remove scopes' and add the scopes and userinfo.profile as shown in the image. This will allow ToolJet to store the email and name of the user who is signing in

ToolJet - OAuth scope

  • Set the domain on which ToolJet is hosted as an authorized domain

ToolJet - authorized domain

  • Set the Redirect URL generated at manage SSO Open ID page under Authorised redirect URIs

ToolJet - authorized redirect urls

  • Now, you can view your client ID and client secret from the Credentials page in API Console:
    • Go to the Credentials page.
    • Click the name of your credential or the pencil icon. Your client ID and secret are at the top of the page.