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Version: 2.23.0

Adding actions

ToolJet supports several actions that can be invoked as the handler for any event that is triggered in an application.

To add actions

To attach an action for component events, click on the component's handle, and then click on the Add handler button on the inspector panel available on the right side.

To attach an action for query events, select the query, go to the advanced tab and then click on the Add handler button.

Available actions

Some of the actions that ToolJet Support are

Show alertShow an alert message as a bootstrap toast
Run queryRun any of the data queries that you have created
Open webpageGo to another webpage in a new tab
Goto appGo to another ToolJet application
Show modalOpen any modal that you've added
Close modalClose any modal that you've added if its already open
Copy to clipboardCopy any available text that you see on the application to clipboard
Set localStorageSet a key and corresponding value to localStorage
Generate fileConstruct file using data available in your application and let the user download it