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Try ToolJet with Docker


This doc is not for setting up the development environment, it is only for trying out ToolJet locally using Docker. Check out Contributing Guide.

You can run the command below to have ToolJet up and running right away.

docker run \
--name tooljet \
--restart unless-stopped \
-p 3000:3000 \
-v tooljet_data:/var/lib/postgresql/13/main \

Setup information

  • Runs the ToolJet server on the port 3000 on your machine.
  • Container has postgres already configured within. All the data will be available in the docker volume tooljet_data.
  • Default user credentials to login (email:, password: password).
  • You can make use of --env or --env-file flag to test against various env configurables mentioned here.
  • Use docker stop tooljet to stop the container and docker start tooljet to start the container thereafter.