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Version: 2.35.0

Use Inspector in App-Builder

This guide introduces Inspector in the app-builder, a feature that lets you view data related to queries, components, global variables, page-related variables, user-set variables and constants.

Preview of Use Inspector


The Inspector panel has 6 main sections:


Queries allow you to inspect the specifics of your queries. However, the data related to these queries will only be visible after they have been executed or triggered.


Under Components, you can view and analyze the properties and values of the components you've added to the canvas, providing insights into how each component functions within your app.


Globals give you access to global information related to the app.

The globals selection consists of the following data:

  • currentUser: Contains details about the user who is currently logged in, like their email, firstName, and lastName.
  • groups: A list of group names that the logged-in user is part of. Note: The all_users group is a default group for everyone.
  • theme: Shows the name of the theme that is currently being used.
  • urlparams: Details about the URL parameters of the app.
  • environment: Has two parts: id, a unique auto-generated identifier, and name, the name of the current environment of the app version.
  • modes: Indicates whether the app is in edit, preview, or view mode. Edit is for editing the app, preview is used when the preview button in the app builder is clicked, and view is for when the app is opened through a shared URL.

All the global variables can be accessed anywhere within ToolJet applications. Here's an example use-case that demonstrates the usage of these variables.


Variables shows user-defined variables in a key-value format. These variables, set through event handlers or queries, are accessible across the entire application. You can set variables from the event handler or using JavaScript code.


Page lets you view page-specific properties like page name, handle and variables. Page variables are restricted to their respective pages and are not accessible application-wide.


Under Constants, you can find the predefined values (usually tokens/secret keys/API keys) that can be used across your application to maintain consistency and facilitate easy updates.


The environment and mode variables are only available in ToolJet Enterprise Edition v2.2.3 and above.