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Version: 2.35.0

Use Custom Parameters

Custom parameters in your queries offer a flexible way to introduce variables without directly modifying query parameters. This guide will walk you through creating, utilizing, and calling queries with custom parameters.

Adding Custom Parameters

  1. Open the query panel and select the query you want to add custom parameters to.
  2. Navigate to the Parameters section in the top bar.
  3. Click the + button to add a custom parameter.
  4. For each parameter, specify:
    • Name: Identifier for the parameter.
    • Default value: A constant string, number, or object.
How to: use custom parameters

Syntax for Utilizing Parameters

Use parameters.<identifier> in your query to employ custom parameters. Note that parameters can only be used within the query where they are defined.

How to: use custom parameters

Example: Create Row in ToolJetDB with Custom Parameters

Let's assume we have a ToolJetDB table with the following columns: name, email, and contact. We will create a new row in the table using custom parameters.

  • Create a new ToolJetDB query, select a table from the dropdown and select the Create Row operation.

  • Add the following parameters:

    1. name: name and value: Shubh
    2. name: email and value: [email protected]
    3. name: contact and value: 4638563845
    How to: use custom parameters
  • Add the columns to the query and use the custom parameters to set the values.

    How to: use custom parameters
  • Finally, execute the query to create a new row in the ToolJetDB table with the values provided in the custom parameters.

Example: Providing Custom Parameters Using Events

In this example, we will demonstrate how to use custom parameters in a query by providing values from an event. We will use execute a REST API query and on its success, we will execute the ToolJetDB query to create a new row with the response data.

  1. Create a REST API Query:

    • Method: GET
    • URL:
  2. Add a Success Event:

    • Name: onSuccess
    • Action: Run Query
    • Query: Create Row
    • Parameters: The parameters that you have added to the query will automatically be available in the event.
      1. name: {{[0].name}} This will use the name from the first record of the response data.
      2. email: {{[0].email}} This will use the email from the first record of the response data.
      3. contact: 4638563845 provided as a constant value just for demonstration.
  3. Execute the REST API query and observe the new row created in the ToolJetDB table.

Note: You can also use parameters in JavaScript queries. Learn more about JS Query Parameter.

How to: use custom parameters