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Version: 2.35.0

Use Custom Endpoint for S3 Hosts

In this how-to guide, we will see how we can connect to different S3 compatible object storages using the custom endpoint. In this guide, we are using Minio since it is an S3-compatible object storage.

  • Go to the ToolJet dashboard, and create a new application

  • On the left-sidebar, go to the Sources and add a new AWS S3 datasource

  • Now the connection modal will pop-up.

    Custom Endpoint - S3 hosts
  • To get the Credentials which is Access Key and Secret Key, you'll need to go to the Minio console to generate the keys

  • Enable the Custom Endpoint toggle switch, and enter the custom host URL i.e where your Minio server API is exposed

  • Once entered the details, you can click on the Test Connection button to check the connection