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Version: 2.33.0

Workspace: Overview

The user who creates the workspace will automatically be assigned as its administrator.

multi workspace


tooljet workspace



Please check the detailed doc on Permissions.

  • Administrators can manage users and groups of each workspace.
  • Applications and settings cannot be shared between workspaces.
  • Users authorised to login to ToolJet will not have access to all workspaces. Users must be invited to or sign up for a workspace before they can log in.
  • When the Multi-Workspace feature is enabled, users must log in with a username and password.
  • Administrators can configure authentication methods for their workspaces.
  • If password login is enabled, switching to the workspace will happen without any other authorization since the user is already authorized with password login.
  • If a user is logged into ToolJet and switches to a workspace that only uses Single Sign-On (SSO), the user will be sent to a login page to select an SSO option.
  • Users can directly login to a workspace using workspace login URL. Administrators can view the URL in the Workspace Settings under SSO -> General Settings -> Login URL.

Disabling Workspace Creation (Super Admin)

  • Only Super Admins can disable the option for creating personal workspaces for a user.
  • If the option to make personal workspaces is turned off for a user, the user won't be able to create new workspaces.