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Version: 2.33.0


Permissions allow you to create and share resources to easily ensure what level of access each User has to ToolJet Apps and other resources.

Admins can invite Users to their workspaces and assign them to the Groups that have Permissions to access Apps, folders, or workspace variables.


See Manage Users and Groups to know more about managing users and groups on your workspace.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Glossary

  • Users - Users can be added to more than one or more Groups. Each User is associated with an email.
  • Groups - By default, there are two groups: All Users and Admin. Additionally, you can create custom groups like Support, Engineering, etc.
    • All Users - Contains all the users in your workspace. When New Users are invited they are added to this group by default.
    • Admins - Contains all Admins in your workspace. Everyone added to this group will Permission to access all the ToolJet resources.
  • Apps, Folder, Workspace Variables - Resources that Admins can set permissions on.
  • Permissions - Create, Update and Delete.