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Version: 2.33.0


Self-hosted only

only self-hosted deployments will have access to a gRPC datasource that is capable of handling unary requests and responses.


Step 1: Upgrade ToolJet to the version 2.5 or above

Find instructions on how to do this in the setup guides located here:

Step 2: Add proto files

At the root, create a directory named "protos" and add a "service.proto" file inside it.

Step 3: Mount Volumes

In the docker-compose.yml add


to the 2 volume sections for plugins and server

gRPC: datasource
gRPC: datasource

Step 4: Reboot the instance

docker-compose up -d

Querying gRPC

After setting up your proto files, you should be able to establish a connection to gRPC by going to the global datasource page.

Connect the gRPC datasource

ToolJet requires the following to connect to gRPC servers:

  • Server URL
  • Authentication type (None, Basic, Bearer, and API key)
gRPC: connection

Once you have added the gRPC from the global datasource page, you'll find it on the query panel of the application.

gRPC: connection

Creating query

You can now query a particular RPC method of the added services.

gRPC: connection