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Version: 2.33.0


ToolJet can connect to Amazon Athena which is an interactive query service that makes it easy to analyze data in Amazon S3 using standard SQL.


To establish a connection with the Amazon Athena data source, you can either click on the +Add new Data source button located on the query panel or navigate to the Data Sources page from the ToolJet dashboard and choose Amazon Athena as the data source.

ToolJet requires the following to connect to your Athena.

  • Database
  • S3 output location
  • Access key
  • Secret key
  • Region

Click on the Test Connection button to verify the correctness of the provided credentials and the accessibility of the database to the ToolJet server. Finally, click on the Save button to save the data source configuration.


You can also configure for additional optional parameters.

Athena connection

Querying Amazon Athena

  • Click on the +Add button of the query manager at the bottom panel of the editor and select the database added in the previous step as the data source. Query manager then can be used to write SQL queries.

  • Click on the Run button to run the query.


Refer amazon athena docs here for more info: link

Athena connection

Basic Queries

Creating Table

name STRING,
age INT
) LOCATION 's3://athena-express-akiatfa53s-2022/';

This query is used to create an external table within the database. The data for this table is stored in an S3 bucket at the provided URI, (s3://athena-express-akiatfa53s-2022/ in this example).

Inserting to Table

VALUES ('Lansing',1)

This query is attempting to insert a new record into the student table in a database.

Select Operation

SELECT * from student WHERE AGE=1

This query retrieves all records from the student table where the age of the student is exactly 1 year.

List Tables


This query is used to display a list of all tables in the current database.