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Version: 2.33.0


ESLint as a code quality tool is a tool that checks your code for errors and helps you to fix them and enforces a coding style.


  1. Install the ESLint extension for your code editor.
  2. Set your editor's default formatter to ESLint.

For VSCode users, you can set the formatter to ESLint in the settings.json.

  1. Install the dependencies.
    npm install
    npm install --prefix server
    npm install --prefix frontend
  2. Run the linter.
    npm run --prefix server lint
    npm run --prefix frontend lint
  3. Fix the ESlint errors and warnings.
    npm run --prefix server format
    npm run --prefix frontend format


  1. Node version 18.18.2
  2. npm version 9.8.1

It is recommended to check the VSCode Setting.json(Press ctrl/cmnd + P and search >Settings (JSON)) file to ensure there are no overrides to the eslint config rules. Comment the following rules for eslint: eslint.options: {...}.