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Version: 2.30.0

Import External Libraries Using RunPy

ToolJet allows you to utilize python packages in your app by importing them using the RunPy query. In this how-to guide, we will import a few packages and use them in the application.

Unsupported modules

Modules with C/C++ extensions needing system libraries won't work in Pyodide, as it runs in a web browser without system library access. Pyodide, based on WebAssembly-compiled Python, also doesn't support certain system calls.

  • Start by creating a new application in ToolJet.
  • From the Query Panel, add a new RunPy query - it will be named runpy1 by default.
Import external libraries using RunPy
  • Use micropip to install packages like Pandas and NumPy. Run the query to complete installation.
import micropip
await micropip.install('pandas')
await micropip.install('numpy')
Import external libraries using RunPy
  • Enable Run this query on application load? to make these packages available every time the application loads.

Generating Random Numbers with NumPy

  • Create a RunPy query using NumPy's random module to generate random numbers.
from numpy import random
x = random.binomial(n=10, p=0.5, size=10)
Import external libraries using RunPy

You can check the output on the browser's console.

Parse CSV data

  • Create a RunPy query to parse CSV data using StringIO, csv, and Pandas module.
from io import StringIO
import csv
import pandas as pd

scsv = components.filepicker1.file[0].content

f = StringIO(scsv)
reader = csv.reader(f, delimiter=',')

df = pd.DataFrame(reader)

Import external libraries using RunPy
  • Add a File Picker component on the canvas
  • Select On File Loaded as the Event and Run Query as the Action.
  • Select the query we just created as the Query.
Import external libraries using RunPy
  • Finally, load a csv file on the File Picker component, Run related RunPy query and check the output on the browser console.
Import external libraries using RunPy