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Version: 2.25.0


ToolJet can connect to your Twilio account to send sms.

ToolJet - Data source - Twilio


  • To add the Twilio datasource, click the Datasource manager icon on the left-sidebar of the app builder and click on the Add datasource button, then select Twilio from the modal that pops up.

  • In the next dialog, you'll be asked to enter the Auth Token, Account SID, and Messaging Service SID.

  • You can get the Auth Token and Account SID on the dashboard of your Twilio account.

ToolJet - Data source - Twilio

  • For Messaging Service SID, you'll need to create a messaging service first from the Services under Messaging in the left-sidebar.

ToolJet - Data source - Twilio

  • After entering the three credentials, you can Save the datasource.

Supported operations

  1. Send message

Send message

This operation will send the specified message to specified mobile number.

ToolJet - Data source - Twilio