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Version: 2.25.0


OpenAPI is a specification for designing and documenting RESTful APIs. Using OpenAPI datasource, ToolJet can generate REST API operations from OpenAPI Specs.


To establish a connection with the OpenAPI global datasource, you can either click on the +Add new global datasource button located on the query panel or navigate to the Global Datasources page through the ToolJet dashboard.

  • Connections are created based on OpenAPI specifications.
  • The available authentication methods currently supported are Basic Auth, API Key, Bearer Token, and OAuth 2.0.
  • It is also possible to use specifications that require multiple authentications. Learn more here.

OpenAPI datasource accepts specifications only in JSON and YAML formats.


Querying OpenAPI

  • Operations will be automatically generated from the specifications, and each operation will be distinct from others.


  • Host (Base URL): Some specifications may have one or multiple base URLs/servers, and certain operations might have separate base URLs. Therefore, you can choose the appropriate URL from the host selection.

  • Operation