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Version: 2.17.0

Okta Single Sign-on

  • Sign in to Okta developer console

  • Go to the Applications section and click on the Create App Integration

    Okta: SSO
  • Select Sign-in method as OIDC - OpenID Connect and Application type as Web Application. Go to the next step

    Okta: SSO
  • Enter App integration name and then enter Sign-in redirect URIs as <YOUR-DOMAIN>/sso/okta.

    Okta: SSO
  • Create application and configure Client Credentials in the UI.

    Okta: SSO
  • If you wish to show your application on Okta, edit the application and select Login initiated by section as Either Okta or App, set visibility according to your preference and Login flow should Redirect to app to initiate login (OIDC Compliant).

    Okta: SSO
Change Grant type

To change the Login flow to Redirect to app to initiate login (OIDC Compliant), its mandatory to change the Grant type - Client acting on behalf of a user section to Implicit (hybrid) and tick Allow Access Token with implicit grant type.

  • The Okta sign-in button will now be available in your ToolJet login screen.