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Version: 2.17.0

Managing Users and Groups

Managing Users

Admin of a workspace can add users to the workspace. To manage the users in your workspace, just go to the Workspace Settings from the left sidebar on the dashboard and click on the Users option.

Manage Users

Inviting users

Admins can invite anyone to a workspace using the email address. To invite a user:

  • On the Users page click on the Add users button.

    Manage Users
  • A drawer from the right will open, navigate to the Invite with email tab. Fill in the required information for the new user, including their Full Name, Email address, and select the desired group(s) from the dropdown menu to assign them. Once you have entered all the details, proceed by clicking the Invite Users button.

    add new user
  • An email including the Invite Link to join your workspace will be send to the created user. The status will turn from invited to active after the user successfully joins your workspace using the invite link.


    You can also copy the invitation url by clicking on the copy icon next to invited status of the created user.

    add new user
  • You can also Bulk Invite Users by editing and uploading the sample CSV file including all the users details. Click on the Add users button and on the drawer, click on the Upload CSV file tab.

    add new user

Disabling a user's access

You can disable any active user's access to your workspace by clicking on the Archive button and the status of the user will change from active to archived.


Enabling a user's access

Similar to archiving a user's access, you can enable it again by clicking on Unarchive. The status of user will change from archived to invited and the user will have to join again using the invite link received via the e-mail.


Managing Groups

On ToolJet, Admins and Super Admins can create groups for users added in a workspace and grant them access to particular app(s) with specific permissions. To manage groups, just go to the Workspace Settings from the left-sidebar of the dashboard and click on the Groups.

Manage Groups

Group properties

Every group on ToolJet has four sections:


Admins and Super Admins can add or remove any number of apps for a group of users. To add an app to a group, select an app from the dropdown and click on Add button next to it. You can also set app permissions such as View or Edit for the group. You can set different permissions for different apps in a group.



Admins and Super Admins can add or remove any numbers of users in a group. Just select a user from the dropdown and click on Add button to add it to a group. To delete a user from a group, click on Delete button next to it.



Admins and Super Admins can set granular permission for the users added in that particular group, such as:



Only Admins and Super Admins can define what datasources can be viewed or edited by the users of that group.


All the activities performed by any Admin, Super Admin or any user in a workspace is logged in Audit logs - including any activity related with managing users and groups.

Predefined Groups

By default, every workspace will have two User Groups:

1. All Users

This group contains all the users and admins.

You can add or remove apps.Modification is disabled. This group will have all the users and admins added in a workspace.You can edit permissions for all the users globally.
all users

2. Admin

This group contains admins by default. Admins can add more admins or remove the users in this group.

Modification is disabled. By default, this group has Edit permission for all the apps in a workspaceAdmins can add or remove users in this group.Modification is disabled. By default, all the admins can create and delete apps or create folders.

Creating new group

  • Click on Create new group button in the Groups page.

    new group
  • Enter a name for the group and click Create Group button.

    new group 2
  • Once the group is created, you can add Apps, Users and set their Permissions for that group.

    new group 2

Deleting a group

To delete a group, click on Delete next to it. It will confirm whether you want to delete it or not, Click on Yes to delete the group.

delete group