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Version: 2.15.0

Loading image/PDF from base64 string

In this how-to guide we will see how we can load an image or PDF file using the base64 string available on the database. In this how-to, we have used the postgres database which already has the base64 strings for the image or the PDF files available.

  • Let's drag a filepicker component onto the canvas, and pick one image and one pdf file

    Loading image from base64 string
  • Now, create a query for inserting an image from the filepicker. As you can see in the screenshot below, we are using the exposed variable of the filepicker component to retrieve the base64 data of the uploaded files.

    Loading image from base64 string
  • Create another query for returning the data from the database and we will use this base64 data returned in this query to display on the image and pdf components.

    Loading image from base64 string
  • Drag the image and a PDF component on the canvas. Edit the property of the PDF component and in the file URL enter:

    {{'data:image/png;base64,' +[7].pdf}}

    Similarly for the image component:

    {{'data:image/jpeg;base64,' +[7].image}}
    Loading image from base64 string

You can also use transformations in the query response and concat data:image/jpeg;base64, to the base64 data.