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Version: 2.12.0


ToolJet apps offer two sharing options: they can either be shared privately with workspace users or publicly by generating a shareable link. To obtain the shareable URL, you can easily do so by clicking on the Share button located on the top bar of the App builder.

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Making the app public

To share the app with external end users and make it accessible to anyone on the internet without requiring a ToolJet login, you can toggle on the Switch for "Make the application public?" in the Share modal.

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Customizing the app URL

By default, ToolJet will generate a unique URL for your application. However, you also have the option to edit the slug of the URL to make it more customized and user-friendly.

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Embedding ToolJet Apps

ToolJet apps can be directly shared with end users and embedded into web apps using iframes. If you want to make your application public, you can use the Share modal to obtain the embeddable link.


For embedding private ToolJet apps, you'll need to set an environment variable in the .env file.


You can learn more here.

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