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Version: 2.10.0


Left-sidebar has the following options:

App Builder: Left-sidebar


Pages allows you to have multiple pages in a single application, making your ToolJet applications more robust and user-friendly.

Check the detailed documentation for Pages.

App Builder: Left-sidebar


The Inspector can be used to inspect the data of the queries, properties and values of the components that are there on the canvas, ToolJet's global variables and the variables that have been set by the user.

Check the detailed guide on using Inspector.

App Builder: Left-sidebar


The debugger captures errors that happens while running the queries. For example, when a database query fails due to the unavailability of a database or when a REST API query fails due to an incorrect URL, the errors will be displayed on the debugger. The debugger also displays relevant data related to the error along with the error message.

App Builder: Left-sidebar

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