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Version: 2.1.0

Audit logs

Available on: Enterprise Edition

The audit log is the report of all the activities done in your ToolJet account. It will capture and display events automatically by recording who performed an activity, what when, and where the activity was performed, along with other information such as IP address.

Audit logs

Filter audit logs

Audited events can be filtered using the below characteristics:

Select Users

Select a specific user from this dropdown to check all their activities.

Select Apps

The dropdown will list all the apps present in your account. Choose an app to filter the logs associated with that app.

Select Resources

Data QueryFilters the events associated with Data Query like DATA_QUERY_RUN.
Group PermissionAll the events associated with Group Permissions will be filtered. Group Permissions include GROUP_CREATE, GROUP_UPDATE, GROUP_DELETE.
App Group PermissionWithin each group, you can set apps for read or edit privileges. These events get recorded as App Group Permissions.

Select Actions

USER_LOGINThis event is recorded everytime a user logins.
USER_SIGNUPThis event is recorded everytime a new signup is made.
USER_INVITEYou can invite users to your account from Manage Users section and an event is audited everytime an invite is sent.
USER_INVITE_REDEEMThis event is recorded whenever an invite is redeemed.
APP_CREATEThis event is recorded when a user creates a new app.
APP_UPDATEThis event is recorded whenever actions like renaming the app, making the app public, editing shareable link, or deploying the app are made.
APP_VIEWThis event is logged when someone views the launched app. (public apps aren't accounted for)
APP_DELETEThis event is recorded whenever a user deletes an app from the dashboard.
APP_IMPORTThis event is recorded whenever a user imports an app.
APP_EXPORTThis event is recorded whenever an app is exported.
APP_CLONEThis event is recorded whenever a clone of the existing app is created.
DATA_QUERY_RUNThis event is logged whenever a data source is added, a query is created, or whenever a query is run either from the query editor or from the launched app.
GROUP_PERMISSION_CREATEThis event is recorded whenever a group is created.
GROUP_PERMISSION_UPDATEThis event is recorded whenever an app or user is added to or removed from a group, or the permissions for a group are updated.
GROUP_PERMISSION_DELETEThis event is recorded whenever a user group is deleted from an account.
APP_GROUP_PERMISSION_UPDATEFor every app added in to user group, you can set privileges like View or Edit and whenever these privileges are updated this event is recorded. By default, the permission of an app for a user group is set to View.

It is mandatory to set a Data Range in From and To to filter audit logs.

Understanding information from logs

Audit logs
action_typeIt is the type of action that was logged in this event. Refer this to know about actions.
created_atDisplays the date and time of a logged event.
idEvery event logged has a specific event id associated with it.
ip_addressDisplays the IP address from where the event was logged.
metadataMetadata includes two sub-properties - tooljet_version and user_agent. tooljet_version displays the version of ToolJet used for the logged event and user_agent contains information about the device and browser used for that event.
organization_idEvery organization in ToolJet has an id associated with it and is recorded when an event occurs.
resource_idThere are several resources and for each resource that is created, an id gets associated with it.
resource_nameDisplays the name of the resources that were logged in the event. For example, if an app was created or deleted then it will display the name of the app.
resource_typeDisplays the type of the resources that were logged in the event.
user_idEvery user account in ToolJet has an id associated with it and is recorded when an event occurs.