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Version: 2.0.0


ToolJet can connect to your Slack workspace to send messages.

ToolJet - Data source - Slack


  • To add the Slack datasource, click the Datasource manager icon on the left-sidebar of the app builder and click on the Add datasource button, then select Slack from the modal that pops up.

  • In the next dialog, you'll be asked to choose the permission scope. Choose the permission scope and then click on Connect to Slack button.

  • A new tab will open up asking for authorization confirmation. Once done, you can close the tab.

ToolJet - Data source - Slack

  • Click on the 'Save data source button to save the data source.

The App (which credentials are provided) needs to be installed in the workspace to use the Slack data source, and it needs to be added to the channel where you want to post the message.

Supported operations

  1. List members
  2. Send message

List members

This operation will return the data of all the members in your slack workspace.

ToolJet - Data source - Slack

Send message

This operation will send/post the message to a specified channel or posting to direct messages (also known as DMs or IMs) in your slack workspace.

ChannelThe channel ID or user ID to post the message to.
MessageThe message to post.

ToolJet - Data source - Slack